Rainfall showerhead kit

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Save water and energy without compromising comfort with this efficient kit.

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This kit includes a Sava rainfall fix showerhead, an Ecofitt bathroom faucet aerator, an Ecofitt pivoting kitchen faucet aerator and a 5 minute shower timer, graciously offered by Hydro-Québec. Morevover, plumber tape is provided to prevent leakage from installation. Finally to compare water flow performance between current and new products, a flow meter bag is provided; instructions are printed on the bag.

More Information

More Information
Mention Price Promo Code HQ25 23,84 $


Get a free shower time offered by Hydro-Québec with the purchase a kit

Decreasing showering time is an effective way of reducing water and energy consumption. Use this 5-minute shower time to monitor the time you spend in the shower.

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Technical details

  • Sava fixed showerhead (N2515CH) 
  • Ecofitt bathroom faucet aerator (EA15BPCA) 
  • Ecofitt swivel kitchen faucet aerator (EK15SW) 
  • Shower timer (N2146)
  • Flow meter bag (S2065) 
  • Teflon tape (N4101)


*Water and energy savings depend on installation and household needs.

Calculations based on several factors, including cost of electricity: 8.65¢/kWh (taxes included);

  • baseline flowrate: 9.5 L/min for the showerhead and 8.3 L/min for the faucets outfitted with aerators;
  • shower duration: 8 minutes per person per day;
  • water temperature at the intake of the water heater: 12°C and water temperature at the output: 40°C.

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