Massage showerhead kit

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Save water and energy without compromising comfort with this efficient kit.

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This kit includes an Ultra series fixed showerhead, an Ecofitt bathroom faucet aerator, an Ecofitt swivel kitchen faucet aerator and a 5-minute shower timer offered free of charge by Hydro-Québec. It also includes Teflon tape to make sure connections are watertight during installation. To compare the flows of your current products and those of the products in the kit, use the Ecofitt flow meter bag. The instructions to calculate the flow are included on the bag.

More Information

More Information
Mention Price Promo code HQ25 19,63 $


Get a free shower time offered by Hydro-Québec with the purchase a kit

Decreasing showering time is an effective way of reducing water and energy consumption. Use this 5-minute shower time to monitor the time you spend in the shower.

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Technical details

  • Ultra series fixed showerhead (ES3FF15CH) 
  • Ecofitt bathroom faucet aerator (EA15BPCA) 
  • Ecofitt swivel kitchen faucet aerator (EK15SW) 
  • Shower timer (N2146) Flow meter bag (S2065) 
  • Teflon tape (N4101)


These products reduce water consumption by up to 40% for a family of four.*

With these products, a family of four* will save over $100 a year on their electricity bill.

10-year warranty

Water and energy savings depend on installation and household needs. Calculations based on several factors, including cost of electricity: 8.65¢/kWh (taxes included); baseline flowrate: 9.5 L/min for the showerhead and 8.3 L/min for the faucets outfitted with aerators; shower duration: 8 minutes per person per day; water temperature at the intake of the water heater: 12°C and water temperature at the output: 40°C.

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